Ever wondered why your night photo`s look blurred or fuzzy? well there are a few things you can do to improve your pictures, and here`s how....

My technique for getting good night shots may be different than other people but it works for me all the time so give it a try. Here are 3 tips that I strongly recommend:-

  1. Use a Tripod. If there is one piece of equipment to buy it is a tripod, you will find that it is almost impossible to live without a tripod when taking night shots outside.

  2. Use a shutter release cable. You could use the built in timer for taking your shots but I would invest in shutter release cable, this helps to reduce camera shake even further

  3. Use the mirror lockup function. DSLRs have a mirror, which, when you look through the viewfinder, reflects the image from the lens, so you can see what the lens is seeing. This causes vibration in the camera and can lead to blurry photos. Mirror lockup reduces camera vibration.

I used these ingredients to take the following picture of the Princess dock in Liverpool..The shot was taken with a 30 SECOND EXPOSURE , ISO 100, f9 in AV MODE (Canon)

Princes dock Liverpool

Notice the movement in the clouds due to the length of the exposure (30seconds). You could increase your ISO to reduce the length of time for the shot and this will lessen the cloud movement but remember this - The higher your ISO is, the more GRAIN is noticeable in your picture..

You could also open your `f` number up to allow more light on to the sensor for a shorter exposure too. The more you practice the more you will find a comfortable style of photography for your night shots

Light trails

This image was taken with the same settings but the camera worked out a 10sec exposure would be needed. I use aperture priority for these pictures because my camera will work out how many seconds I would need to expose the shutter for.

A more experienced photographer may use MANUAL MODE and check his HISTOGRAM but that lesson is for another day..

I hope you find these tips useful. Follow me and my work at

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