Here is another little exercise to help you keep away the boredom if you are a photographer short on ideas during lockdown. I must add , before we start, these are new ideas & trials for me too so excuse me if you have done these exercises before.

Splash photography

Pretty cool eh? Lets give it a go, here is the gear I used



off camera flash (remote)

Kit lens (18-55mm)

Remote trigger

Glass, water & any object or fruit that you think would work well

Dark background if possible

The set up

As you can see my camera is about 8inch away from the glass and my flash is to the left at around a 90 deg angle to the camera and also slightly above the water level of the glass. My camera is in Manual mode, f8 and at 1/160s because the flash sync speed for my Canon camera is 1/200 sec or under. Remember, its the flash which freezes the action and not the shutter speed. The further the dark background is away from the glass the better and , as you can see, it doesnt have to be pitch black. Now your ready for the fun part of trying to drop your objects into the glass but at the same time trying to get the shot at the perfect time of impact.

Here are some of my efforts using fruit & veg from the fridge..

This is just a basic guide on the settings, gear used & my set up to get you on the right track. You will find moving your flash up/down & further away will give different results, as too will a 2nd flash. Its all about experimenting and trying new things...

I hope you find this useful, now go and have some fun. Little tip for you...Keep a towel handy, in fact keep a few near by 😂 you will see why.

Come back and let me know how you got on..

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