Its quite a frustrating time to be stuck indoors if you are photographer . Keeping yourself motivated is quite hard and its all too easy to just sit around and get bored.

Here I show you a little photo exercise that I recently did .It is very easy to do with basic gear and not a lot of effort, just a bit of patience..


Well let me tell you, its simply oil drops in water that are lit up from beneath with an image on a tablet. Yes, its as simple as that.

Look at the set up I did below to get this shot and give it a go yourself.

You will need :-

Your DSLR camera


Extension tubes (but not necessary if you have a true macro lens)

Glass dish

Cooking oil

An ipad or tablet with a colourful background image on the screen

Set up the glass dish without the water in about 6 inches above the ipad ( you may have to use books to jack the dish up, I used my bird seed containers).

Set up your tripod and camera so it is pointing straight down at the glass bowl.

Next put the water in followed by half a tablespoon of cooking oil.

Give it a stir and then wait for it to settle.

Here is my set up. I used a 50mm f1.8 lens with a cheap set of tubes off amazon which cost a tenner.

I had my camera in manual mode and set the aperture f3.2 or f4, this gives enough blur on the ipad colours on the final image.I also used a trigger & live view to prevent camera shake. It will vary for each image if you have several.

Its as simple as that, play around and have fun..

Here are some of the images I produced with the settings I gave you with different ipad images

Thanks for looking

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